Self-Designed Brush Up Courses at Barcelona School of Economics

  • Fall 2021 and 2022: Introduction to R Programming (Master level)

I designed an introductory course (10-12h) specifically for students in International Trade, Finance and Development Master program from open source R tutorials.

You can download the slides for the course on my GitHub page.

The course also contains homework assignments, lab session assignments and additional exercises, which are available upon request.

Codes and solutions are also available upon request.

  • Fall 2020: Introduction to MATLAB Programming (Master level)

This course was designed jointly with Damian Romero for Economics Master students.

The slides are available on my GitHub page.

Codes are available upon request.

Teaching Assistant at Barcelona School of Economics:

Teaching Assistant at Pompeu Fabra University:

  • Fall 2018: Macroeconomics I (Undergraduate)

  • Winter 2018 and 2019: Introduction to Macroeconomics (Undergraduate)